School Improvement Support

School Improvement Support

Pickwick Academy Trust is committed to School Improvement and works with a range of partners, organisations and schools to provide a variety of ways in which we can work together to improve outcomes for children.

Belonging to the Pickwick Learning Community

Pickwick Learning has a long history of working with schools and organisations across our region through our Teaching School work. These partnerships continue to grow; we know we are stronger together and as the educational landscape around Teaching Schools has shifted, we have adapted, embraced change and continue to work with many partnership schools in a variety of ways. If you would like your school or organisation to be part of our Pickwick Learning Community and become one of our partnership schools, please let us know. Contact Amy Tapscott

School Improvement Groups

Our School Improvement Groups (SIGs) are open to any of our Partnership schools to join at no charge. We run 3 virtual meetings for school leaders each year and 3 Inspirational Leadership Talks, to which our SIG schools can invite their whole leadership teams (and those aspiring to leadership). These groups are broadly arranged geographically, but as they are run virtually, schools are welcome to choose their group. Please see the SIG meeting dates.    Please contact us if you are interested in joining one of these groups.

Pickwick Specialist Leaders

Pickwick Learning has a team of Specialist Leaders who are highly skilled in supporting teachers, subject leads or running training. Please get in touch if you are keen to find out how they can work with you and your staff.

In addition to our team of Specialist teachers and leaders, we also work with a range of trusted and highly experienced partners who can support with curriculum, HR, coaching, engaging families, leading teaching and learning reviews, advising on Pupil Premium and Disadvantaged learners, carrying out Whole School SEND reviews etc.


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